Residential Air Conditioning


It may not be an easy decision to replace your air conditioner because of the expense involved; however, a new air conditioner may be more cost effective then you think. If your utility bills are climbing or your air conditioner can't keep your home cool anymore, a new unit may help you keep that cost in check. Let our professionals help you select the right system to fit your needs and budget.


Summers can be very hot and when your air conditioner isn't working correctly, the heat can quickly become unbearable. Up The Creek Heating & Air provides top level customer service to each of our customers. If you A/C stops working after hours, we offer reliable emergency service to get you up and running quickly.


Beat the heat and have your air conditioner tuned-up before summer hits. Servicing your air conditioner will improve the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. We recommend a professional A/C tune-up each year before the heat kicks in. Some key procedures that will be done during the tune-up are: cleaning of the condenser coils, evaluating the coolant levels, calibrating the thermostat, tightening and inspecting the electrical connections and evaluating the blower motor. Contact us today to learn more.