Commercial Refigeration

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If your business uses commercial refrigeration units, you need them to be reliable and efficient. Refrigeration units can range from small plug-in appliances and vending machines to display cabinets and food service coolers. Up The Creek Heating & Air repairs and services commercial refrigeration units for businesses large and small.

How Does Refrigeration work?

The compressor constricts the refrigerant vapor, raising its pressure, and pushes it into the coils. As the hot gas in the coils hits the cooler air temperature, it become liquid. Now in liquid form at high pressure, the refrigerant cools down as it flows into the coils inside the freezer and the fridge. The refrigerant absorbs the heat inside the fridge, cooling down the air. Lastly, the refrigerant evaporates to a gas, then flows back to the compressor. The cycle starts all over again.

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Ensuring your refrigeration system is running correctly is just one moving piece of your business. Let Up The Creek Heating & Air take care of this for you.  If you notice your refrigeration equipment isn't running correctly, give us a call.